Thorough initial examination and Sharon found sore spots on my knees and legs I didn't realize were there. Painful at times during treatment, but worth the much reduced pain later. Even after only 1 treatment my knees are much less painful and more mobile . Well worth the suffering at the time. I will definitely continue with the massages. Sharon definitely knows what she's doing. Thank you. ~ Johanne Anderson

I've seen Sharon a couple of times now and she is amazing. I leave feeling so relaxed. I would definitely recommend Sharon to everyone ~ Niloufer

i have been suffering with lower back pain for months. Stephanie treated my back for i was pain free for the first time in many months. i tried every thing from physiotherapy to shiatsu to. this was hte first time i was pain free. for a long long time. Do I recommend her. Yes of course. she created a wecoming environment too. ~ Mario Ceravolo

I had my first massage with Stephanie and was amazed at her ability to tune in to my energy as well as muscular discomfort as she worked. She worked closely with my breath and I felt a tremendous release of stress. I felt very uplifted by her kindness and interest in supporting my health and wellbeing, and like a new person after the massage. Thank you Stephanie! ~ Barbara E

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