Photo of Stephanie Arnold, RMT


Stephanie brings 20+ years of massage therapy experience to the clinic. Promoting a healthy mind,body and spirit approach to client care, Stephanie is skilled in uncovering the body's needs and addressing them through a variety of learned and practiced techniques. As a result, each treatment is unique to the needs presented.

As a life learner of body systems, a trained yoga teacher and a Certified Biodynamic Cranial Therapist, Stephanie draws on disciplines such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Reiki and deep tissue when required to address new injuries or long held patterns. Her extensive experience in soft tissue release, calming and desensitizing the sympathetic nervous system assists patients on their path to wellness and balance.

Overall, Stephanie subscribes to the belief that the most important thing a therapist can offer, which is beyond any technique, is a mindful and compassionate presence which can facilitate the innate healing ability within the recipient.

Stephanie was born and raised on the North Shore and enjoys hiking and running with her dog on the trails, drinking the perfect cup of coffee, a good laugh, meals with friends and family and a great yoga class.

Massage table in room