Photo of Natasha Rogers, RMT


Natasha Rogers graduated from WCCMT in 2002.  She has taken several continuing education courses including systemic deep tissue therapy, mobilization of the spinal and rib joints, a 6-day human dissection, core stability exercises with the ball, as well as attending a two-day conference on the first fascial congress.  In recent years, she has been following the visceral and neural manipulation curriculum through the Barral Institute.  These courses covered the neck, thorax, abdomen and pelvis as well as the nervous system of the head, spine, upper and lower extremities.

Visceral manipulation is a gentle manual therapy applied to restricted and unhealthy ligamentous attachments of your organs that connect to the muscle and bones causing pain and dysfunction.  Neural manipulation focuses on the connective tissue surrounding nerves and their mobility within their respective environment.  Mobilization of the nerves helps to restore conductivity locally and systemically as well as improving the internal function of the nerve. An assessment is done at the beginning of treatment to evaluate if these techniques would be appropriate to use during the massage.

Natasha has an in depth knowledge of human anatomy and uses fascial techniques, deep tissue and trigger point therapy along with active and passive range of motion to treat different ailments.  She also advises you on what are possible causes of your pain and discomfort and assigns homecare exercises to work on improving your health in maintaining a sense of well being.
Massage table in room